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DealShareDirect is Simply The Best DealOfTheDay Site, Online.  Enjoy our Prices!

  • Why Did We Create – DealOfTheDay?  We wanted to create a daily deal website that brought all the best discounts and online deals on many of the most popular products together in one organized spot.  Not only will you have access to the most extreme discounts from large sellers like and eBay, but we will also find deals, discounts and sales from lesser known liquidators and wholesalers, that most consumers never even get to know about and share them here.
  • Why is – DealOfTheDay Unique? We call our company Deal Share Direct, because our system is set up to automatically aggregate the deal alerts and messages from a large number of deal presenters as soon as they are announced and share them directly with you, right here on the website. As soon as we become aware of an awesome deal, with an extremely discounted price, we will post it right here.
  • Why – DealOfTheDay is a Safe & Secure Place To Purchase Great Deals? You will also be happy to know that when you order, you will be ordering directly and safely with PayPal and Amazon, so you can rest, assured that each and every one of your transactions with us are safe and secure.  In many cases, you can even get fast and free shipping.

Once again, welcome to Deal Share Direct – DealOfTheDay.  Enjoy our Better Prices.

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